Romero & Julia

ReinART Productions

Presents a video showing reflecting the Santa Fe Plaza Rats

(Performed at the Armory for the Arts in 1985)


A musical fable based on Breakers, Punkers & Metal Heads

Playwright Gershon Seigel

Orchestration and Musical Direction/Lyrics Jeff Nelson

Directed by Manos Clements

Choreography Kim Caffrey & Dena Edwards

Produced by Ana G y Reinhardt

Teatro Paraguas

3205 Calle Marie, SFNM 87507

Saturday, April 30, 2022

2pm Matinee


Donations at the door (Support Teatro Paraguas - thank you for your generosity)

Limited Seating

For Info and SAVE ME A SEAT contact: Ana at

Dedicated and in memory of Manos Clemens, Shanti Ananda and Theo Collins

ROMERO & JULIA IN A SOUTHWEST SIDE STORY is a whimsical theatrical musical production, now in a video format that will feature a mix of teenage misfit antagonistic actors and dancers who depict the breakers, punkers and metal heads in 1985 on the Santa Fe Plaza. Known as the Plaza Rats, this production reveals the rivalries of sub-culture groups in an original twisted interpretation plucked by ideas from “Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘West Side Story’.

Meet the ‘ADOBES’, the break dancers, a group of locals raised in Santa Fe, the ‘CONDOS’, the punkers, a collective of out of town transplants whose wealthy backgrounds afford them the luxury of adopting a pseudo-philosophy which they call ‘Anarchy’ while their families buy up the barrios, and, the ‘HEAVY MEDDLERS’, the metal heads who get into everyone’s business by believing that metal power rules above all else.

As graffiti paints the town red with anarchy symbols and on the Santa Fe Plaza obelisk, the different groups express their sentiments in unique musical styles and lyrics on cassette tapes that reveal’s their personalities. And, guess who carries around the largest boom box?

Rather than ending in tragedy, this production ends in an upbeat conflict resolution piece amongst the groups. This is what the world needs now. Friendships and Peace!