Kristian Macaron Poetry Reading

Teatro Paraguas presents a Poetry Reading with Kristian Macaron

Kristian Macaron (she/her(s)/ella) resides in Albuquerque, NM. Her writing is inspired by this colorful landscape and explores tales that derive from connections to her Hispanic/Lebanese-American heritage, but also her love for cryptids, portals, geology and time travel.

WHEN: Sunday January 22, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

COST: Free


Kristian received an MFA in Creative Writing Fiction from Emerson College (2012) and a BA from University of New Mexico (2009). Her full-length poetry collection Recipe for Time Travel in Case We Lose Each Other is was released from Game Over Books in February 2022. Her poetry chapbook collection titled, Storm, was released from Swimming with Elephants Publications in 2015. Other prose and poetry publications can be found in The Normal School Magazine, Uncanny Magazine, Gargoyle Magazine, Asimov’s Science Fiction & others. She is a co-founding editor of the literary journal, Manzano Mountain Review, a board member for Theatre-in-the-Making, and she works at the University of New Mexico. View her work at Twitter: @kristianmacaron Instagram: @kmacaron_author


Recipe for Time Travel in Case We Lose Each Other is a study of emergence through reflections of interiors, hearts, geology (volcanoes), deep time, and—of course—time travel. These poems abound in moments we can look at the earth as a body or the body as an earth and attempt to understand our own relationships with others and with ourselves through approaching the unfamiliar with wonder and resolve.


if there is a mirror to time

it is a garden of futures

unfurling to this whatever this

certainty is and I imagine looking ahead of me

into this shimmer looking out of a tower of comet dust

to tell you something un-star-crossed

and that the center of the Milky Way

tastes like raspberries and that is why I

loved once and live still

if there is a mirror to time

I can imagine that I see my past

before me and before me my father

a small child at a lake in the middle of a prairie

that will one day be an ocean and he is learning now

to one day be my father and he is putting fossils

back into earth and pouring fish

back into rivers and already learning how to

love me even though I live in time behind him

and he is looking forward at his father

who is forging his own fortitude

a small child pouring fish back into rivers

and his grandfather walking in those mountains

for the first time small and pouring fish back into rivers

and even if there is a mirror to time

a river of matter we cannot fathom it the way I

also cannot measure the moments my father

has felt the mountains around him and thought God

is here and how he gave that love to me before he

gave that love to me and how we both learned

that life is exquisite and time endless

and you should see the ruins

in space and how they cannot crumble

not unlike a pulse how they flower

Kristian Macaron