The Butler Didn’t Do It!

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A Comic ‘Who Done It’ Mystery presented by the Umbrella Children's Theatre and adapted by Katie Thomas, edited by JoJo Sena-Tarnoff and Rebecca Morgan, with original music by Melange. 


Umbrella Children’s Theatre is thrilled to present The Butler Didn’t Do It! A Comic ‘Who Done It' Mystery at Teatro Paraguas, adapted by Katie Thomas, directed by JoJo Sena-Tarnoff, with original music by Melange (Jeff and JoJo Tarnoff). Our student actors range in age from 7 to 12 years old. (Originally presented at Teatro Paraguas the weekend of April 21, 2023.)

The Butler Didn’t Do It! A Comic ‘Who Done It’ Mystery is a classic play within a play featuring original song, music and dance. A group of 1940s Hollywood bigwigs arrive at a remote island mansion for the weekend flush with their own secret agendas. When a big storm knocks out the bridge, the servants are oh so shifty, and the host of the party is nowhere to be found, suspense and thrills ensue as Cameron Spielrock, Diva SoVane, Dr. Wellbeing, Polly Pureheart, Stella Street, Stanley Livingstone, Bootsy, Curly, Truly Dimple, and the Artichoke Zombies begin to realize that things are not just always as they seem…  


UCT was founded in 1988 as Southwest Children’s Theatre Productions by Rebecca Morgan and Celeste Allerton. For 35 years, the company has equipped thousands of Northern New Mexico youth with skills that serve them as performers and human beings today, and prepare them for challenges faced tomorrow. Through a combination of grants and audience support, we are offering our 2023 season tuition free.

This project is made possible in part by New Mexico Arts and the Dept. of Cultural Affairs, the Santa Fe Community Foundation, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation.