Elements of Sacred Space

Acting for Film with Eb Lottimer

Eb Lottimer, award winning writer, actor, director and producer returns with his groundbreaking class, “The Elements of Sacred Space.”

WHEN: Starting January 9th - Monday nights 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

COST: $40 per class or $220 for 6 week block

Call or text Eb Lottimer at 505-310-0871 or email at elottimer@gmail.com for questions or to reserve your spot.

Please bring a SD Memory Card (8 GB or more)


“The cornerstone of acting is searching for the truth in each moment”

When we enter into the craft of acting (experiencing yourself now) we are handed this wonderful opportunity to express humanity in all its myriad dynamics, by finding the truth in our individual expression of it. When we are speaking our truth, as we experience ourselves through presence, all obligations to the craft are realized. All the pressure we actors feel to please, impress and dazzle falls to the wayside as we effortlessly move from one moment of discovery to the next.

Each actor will be given a challenging lead role to be captured on HDV. We will continue with that character until we achieve what we have set out to discover in your work. Then you take on another lead role to discover more about who you are as an artist. In addition we will perfect your audition process by giving you extensive on-camera experience.

What is in the way of you speaking your truth in your work? The Elements of Sacred Space will help you to find your individual truth. It will eliminate automatic responses, expectations, and egocentric control. This class will encourage you to step into your unique expression of yourself, where all the magic happens.

What is your truth? Let’s find it together.