Hummingbird, written by Alix Hudson and directed by Malcom Morgan, takes place in an unspecified first-world country. Nadia (Iza Konings) and Miriam (Christine Armenion) are best friends and seniors in high school; Sam (Devin Zamora) is Nadia's big brother and works at a local factory. Nadia and Miriam are excited about early acceptance into university and the spring dance, and Nadia is vying for salutatorian of her class. After Nadia and Sam's parents are deported for being undocumented immigrants, however, Nadia falls into a coma-like state.

This is the so-called "Apathy Syndrome" that's plaguing some of the children of the nation's refugees. After her return from the hospital, Sam and Miriam become Nadia's caretakers. Trying to use Nadia's sickness as grounds for their parents' reentry while also debating her autonomy and possible motives, Sam and Miriam navigate their changed lives and relationships with Nadia. Memories, as well as Nadia's dream-like monologues about hummingbirds, are woven throughout.


"There is, certainly, a lot of heavy subject matter in this play; however, it is surprisingly, and delightfully, comedic at times as well. Director Malcom Morgan did a masterful job guiding his actors through the different emotional beats (in the case of Zamora, one scene in particular shifts incredibly quickly between drama and comedy, but the transition is performed flawlessly) and creating the world of this play.

Ms. Hudson utilizes monologues and flashback scenes to great effect; some of the best writing in the entire show is in the monologues Nadia gives after she falls into her coma."