Underland Dance presents Tensegrity, an improvisational dance concert

Through improvised movement, the five dancers will explore the vulnerable, messy, and beautiful nature of human relationships.

WHEN: Friday, July 7, and Saturday, July 8, at 7:00 p.m

COST: $20 general admission

>> Purchase tickets online or call 505-577-2679 for reservations <<


Going on five years together, the company has cultivated a multifaceted language of movement. Nothing is scripted. What will unfold these two evenings will never happen again, including the music score which will be a surprise to the dancers as well. “I felt as if I had been invited into the inner sanctum of a ceremony, a transmission of somatically expressed insight into what it means to be alive” - audience member.

The five company members are Rebecca Baer, Kara Duval, Rachel Gerson, Katelyn Kollinzas, and Amina Re. There will be two acts with a 15 minute intermission.