Audition Notice: In My Father's House

In association with Jacalyn Kane Productions

Emmy award winning director, writer & producer, Gary Michael Brown, will co-direct along with Jacalyn Kane. Maura Studi is a production consultant. 

Play Run and Rehearsals

The play will run October 3-October 20th

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7:30pm

Sunday matinee, 2pm

Rehearsals begin the week of September 3rd.


Please submit Headshot & Resume to:

There will also be an Open Casting Call: Saturday, June 15, 2:00pm - 5:00pm & Sunday, June 16, 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Teatro Paraguas, Santa Fe. No reservation necessary.

Below is a short synopsis of the play and the main character descriptions.



It is 1992 just following the Rodney King and Los Angeles riots. Gang violence, drive-by shootings and police tactics are creating fear and unrest throughout the vast LA community.


This is a memory play and memories tend to romanticize themselves in unexpected and mysterious ways.


In My Father’s House follows the romantic, compelling and tragic love story of Alana & Angel. The multi-generational/multi-cultural story focuses on a young Jewish woman living with her parents in Beverly Hills while in graduate school to become a social worker.  She ventures to East LA for her studies/work and unexpectedly meets Angel, a young Latino, ex-gang member, who works in his mom’s cafe.  

What ensues is a culture clash, the eventual falling in love of Angel and Alana and her Father’s deep disapproval. The relevant and timely story touches on gang and police violence, anti-semitism, racism and the eventual embracing of two different cultures.


ANGEL TORRES: Early to mid twenties. Latino Male. Angel is streetwise, smart and intense with a cocky sense of humor. He is a romantic at heart whose charm and good looks can soften his hard edge and deep scars.

ALANA RUBENSTEIN: Early to mid Twenties. Attractive Anglo Female. An only child. Alana is a smart and determined young woman struggling to find her own identity and independence as she struggles to release herself from her father’s strict traditional Jewish roots. She too is a romantic at heart.  

DR. RUBENSTEIN: Alana’s father, Early to mid fifties. He is a doctor and a conservative man with traditional Jewish values. He finds himself caught between two worlds trying to come to grips with his daughter’s independence and rejection of Judaism and his own Jewish faith based on hand me down survival. He loves his daughter but has a hard time breaking down the walls to show his warmth.

ELLIE RUBENSTEIN: Alana’s mother. Early fifties. She is a Sephardic Jew, with a quiet European sophistication and charm. Less traditional and more open minded, she often finds herself caught between her husband and her daughter as peacemaker.

ROSIE TORRES: Angel’s mother. She is in her mid forties. She is a woman who has weathered the storms of her life while maintaining a sense of her Bohemian nature. She is close with Angel as she has counted on him as the man of the house since he was a young teenager.