Tribute Poetry Reading for the Late Gary Brower

Poet, publisher, and activist from Placitas, New Mexico

Poets reading at this tribute include H. Marie Aragon, Esther Feske, Dale Harris, Kathamann, Wayne Lee, Donald Levering, Jane Lipman, Argos MacCallum, Kendall McCook, Mary McGinnis, Don McIver, Basia Miler, Karen Petersen, Jane Shoenfeld, and Arthur Sze. 

WHEN: Saturday, July 22 at 7:00 p.m.

COST: Free admission (donations most welcome)


Brower published Malpais Review, a quarterly anthology of poetry and essays, between 2010 and 2016, featuring local, national, and international poets. Besides this monumental contribution to poetry, Gary’s own books of poetry include Planting Trees in Terra Incognita (Destructible Heart Press 2006), The Book of Knots (Destructible Heart Press 2007), For The Wild Horses of Placitas and Other Equine Poems (El Caballo Press 2009), Leaving Cairo As If It Were A Dream (Malpais Editions 2011), Poems On The Land (Beatlick Press 2017), and Escaping The End Of The World (Village Books Press 2017). He also produced a number of CD’s of spoken word and music with various musicians, and edited the definitive Ride Easy! Selected Poems of Kell Robertson (Lummox Press 2021).

Brower held degrees from Drury University and University of Missouri, and taught at Kansas University, UNM, USC, and UCLA.  Fluent in several languages, he directed university programs in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, and Guadalajara, Mexico, and worked with and for Mexican migrant workers in Oregon.

Gary Brower