AMFlamenco presents Acapella: Happy Hour Tapas, Arte Expo, and Flamenco Show

A Flamenco experience with Happy Hour tapas,  an art exhibition with flamenco paintings by Adriana Maresma Fois, and a flamenco performance by AMFlamenco Dance Company with dancers Marta Roverato, Adriana Maresma Fois, and singer María del Mar Fernandez.  

WHEN:  Sunday June 30, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.

COST: $20 general admission or two tickets for $35

>> Buy tickets online or call 505-424-1601 for reservations (pay at door) <<


Highlights the language between dance and song (baile y Voz), showing the intricate detalles that string together the color spectrum of this language: flamenco. Flamenco is a folk art said to go back to the 13th century from Spain; influenced by the many seeds planted by gypsies

traveling all the way from India, the Middle East, up through eastern Europe and flourishing in southern Spain, Andalucía. It started as an expression of celebration in people's homes, at get togethers. It accompanied workers on the farm, steel makers, or miners in the mine.

The song (cante) came first: lyrics created in the moment, spontaneous, and combined with different hand clapping (palmas) patterns creating heart beating rhythms to each type of song. Next came the dance (baile), as a natural expression to interpret the song, and accenting added musical notes with the footwork. The guitar came last, adding the link to both song and dance.

Acapella is a captivating experience to get to know the song, in the raw, the different styles, and the dance at its most expressive. Come join us for a special vignette: Happy Hour event, including tapas and drink, a wonderful flamenco painting exhibition by Adriana Maresma Fois, and closing with a breathtaking performance, Acapella, by AMFlamenco Dance Company.

This project is made possible in part with support from New Mexico Arts (Dept. of Cultural Affairs). Santa Fe Arts and Culture, and the National Latinx Theatre Initiative.

Adriana Maresma Fois

María del Mar Fernandez

Marta Roverato