Seventh Sense

An improv dance performance by Underland Dance

Through improvised movement, the company's five dancers explore the power of sensing beyond individual experience.

WHEN:  Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30 at 6:30 p.m.

COST: $20 general admission

>> Buy tickets online here or call 505-424-1601 for reservations (pay at door) <<


“Seventh Sense” speaks to an awareness, responded to and made concrete through movement, that encompasses what is felt on personal, interpersonal, collective, and transpersonal levels. Through deep listening of body and earth as well as through collective proprioception, we can begin to process and transmutate a vast array of experiences; both painful and beautiful.


Going on six years together, the company has cultivated a multifaceted language of movement. Nothing is scripted. What will unfold these two evenings will never happen again, including the music score which is a woven mix of music by artists Maarja Nuut + Ruum and spoken word by the dancers.