What Was I Thinking?

A Light-hearted Account of Brain Damage, Healing, and Writing by Richard Earnheart

WHEN: Thursday, April 6 at 7:00 p.m.

COST: Tickets are $5-10 or by donation


From the Santa Fe Reporter: 

Abraham Lincoln was kicked in the head by a mule and became President of the United States. Go figure.

When a brain injury occurs and all you have left are lemons, the issue becomes, 'What's lemonade?'. Trying to recover from brain damage means re-defining and re-imagining who are in the world and what it's going to take to live in it. Writing about the process helps. Laughing at it...even better.

Local artist and writer Richard Earnheart takes us on a labyrinthine stroll through a decade of 'what the hell?' to 'oh, yeah, that's what that is'. Reading and performing his short story entitled 'What Was I thinking?', proves once again that laughter is the best medicine, along with achingly expensive, high risk surgery and a lot of rehab.


Richard Earnheart has spent his working career as an artist, sculptor, writer, furniture maker, a developer of historic properties in Silver City, New Mexico, and a student of pre-history along the Rio Grande & Pecos Rivers. He has been a resident of New Mexico for 32 years.