Dan Bohnhorst and Christopher Johnson

Sunday May 1 at 5:00 p.m.

Teatro Paraguas is pleased to present a poetry reading by Dan Bohnhorst and Christopher Johnson. The reading takes place on Sunday May 1 at 5:00 p.m. at Teatro Paraguas, located in Santa Fe at 3205 Calle Marie. The reading is free, and donations to Teatro Paraguas are much appreciated. Reservations may be made by calling 505-424-1601.

Daniel Bohnhorst has been active in the poetry and theater communities in Santa Fe since moving here from Minneapolis in 2011. At Teatro Paraguas, he has performed in multiple shows in the bilingual Poesía Viva (Living Poetry) series, including Word Over All: Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda, a show which he also wrote and directed. He received an MFA in poetry from Pacific University in 2014, and has self-published a number of poetry collections since then. He will be reading from his newest collection, Pocket Poems, which will be available for purchase at the reading along with his previous collection, How Much for a Handful.

Christopher J. Johnson is the author of &luckier, released as part of the Mountains West Poetry Series in 2016. He writes on the arts and lives and works in Santa Fe

The dahlias too appear

all fist

until appointed,

spreading out into the concrete day

to soften


and remind us of the pet names

to which we once


oh small fry resurrection,

favorite kind.

Dan Bohnhorst

We are the dime that grinds

between our connections&

turns to beans, rice, bananas

or doesn’t w/ availability& rate;

it’s so difficult to pay the teeth

back into the mouth — one doesn’t

build vacation w/ time off; so there’s

lines for liquor at 8& those who get sick

before stepping into the office

— our backs are dense& hot

as desert cliffs

eroding in their service.

Who will pay us unto our urns or earth

or give what’s down to our written names

thru suffering which has ended&

griefs yet unended?

We voted. We opened doors for strangers.

We went to war. We paid our taxes&

poured all the drinks& served the plates.

We swept the place clean

— can’t we have birth on tips&

a place for our parents to sleep?

Christopher Johnson

Dan Bohnhorst Christopher J. Johnson