Save the Bees

A Play by NM State Senator Bill O’Neill (Online on Xerb)

Directed by Duchess Dale, the play is about the difficulty legislators face from their respective partisan bases as they attempt to work across the aisle in the current polarized political atmosphere. Online watching includes two talk back sessions.

Dates: Online - May 31 to November 30, 2023

Cost: Free - Watch online on Xerb >


Senator O’Neill states, “This play has much humor in it, but at the same time is very serious. It focuses on a friendship between two legislators on the opposite sides as they attempt to navigate these turbulent political waters.”

Geoffrey Pomeroy plays the older, urban, and liberal senator, Chapman Murphy.  Luke Becker, the younger, rural, and conservative senator, is played by Noah Segard. The two senators speak candidly in an empty legislative chamber about their upbringings, friendship, their constituents, and the divisive issues which pit both senators and constituents against each other.