Motherhood: What a Bitch!

A solo show with Carolyn Meyer

All mothers will identify with the questions she ponders...

WHEN:   Sunday, July 14 and Sunday, July 21 at 3:00 p.m.

COST: $25 general admission; $15 limited income

>> Purchase tickets online or call 505-424-1601 for reservations (pay at door) <<


Eighty-eight year old Carolyn Meyer is a born storyteller. She has been a writer all her life. She has written more than 60 books, and is known for her works of historical fiction for young readers. In 2016, after the death of her husband, University of New Mexico Professor E.A. "Tony" Mares, Meyer started taking improvisation classes at The Box performance space in Albuquerque. Through her work there, she developed performing skills and began to take her act on the road.


Meyer reinvented herself as a successful comedian, solo performer, humorist, and storyteller. Motherhood: What a Bitch!  is her third show (her first two were Don't Call Me Young Lady and The Old White Lady Tells it All: The Making, and Unmaking of a Racist). Carolyn is also a regular on The Moth Radio Hour, providing selections from her works in a dozen cities from London to Honolulu. The three shows form a trilogy of Carolyn's life as a unique individual who definitely goes her own way.


Motherhood: What a Bitch! is her most serious and revealing show. Carolyn has never been afraid to reveal herself, but with this latest entry her punchlines are a little softer. This is a piece that is more poignant. All mothers will identify with the questions she ponders...